Saturday, July 5, 2014

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Late last night Daniel and I had one of those conversations.
One of those, lay-in-bed-bare-your-soul-in-the-dark ones.
The result was a decision together to both be more present. 
To make more effort to find adventure, see and hear both each other, the small people that crave our care and attention, and the voice of the Holy Spirit throughout our days.
We've been distracted. Clouded. 
We only have moments of clarity amongst days of procrastination and iphone-induced intrusion. 
He drew the line. 
Social media (and games, for him) will be limited to half an hour max in the evening while we boil the kettle and the kiddos are in bed.
We will be present, and hands-free.
In search of adventure.

Today we spent a glorious winters day in our city. We surprised our three favourite people with a trip for pancakes at our favourite place. We coffee-d and wandered and loved big - without being distracted by other people and places who weren't in our immediate here and now.

The perfect start to the school holidays.



  1. Oh yes!! I have had the same conversation with my husband recently. It's so easy for me to get distracted by social media - instagram and blogging - and then wonder where the day went. Your blog is so refreshingly honest and genuine - thank you xo


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