Tuesday, July 1, 2014

inspire my July | hot drinks

What's better than a new week?
A new month!
Hello July, middle of winter, middle of the year...

The middle of winter can often be a dreary, grey time. Not just in weather.
The cold can make it's way to our centre, and rob us of our motivation and even our joy.
Maybe we've failed at those new year goals, or given up hope of achieving what we set out to. Don't give up! Now is the perfect time to start!

I know the lack of warmth and sunshine can be depressing, but I've decided that this month I am going to truly appreciate winter, and be purposeful in seeking inspiration.
I will blog a 31-day list of each thing I love about winter.
July inspired. 
Lets do it together... #inspiremyjuly. 

My first favourite July inspiration is by the faithful mug of hot goodness.
Whether it's tea in the morning, frothy coffee in the afternoon, apple cider vinegar for sniffles, chai for a treat or my spiced almond milk to warm me to the core, wrapping my fingers around a warm mug is one of the best things about winter.
I love all these year-round, but there is something special about a hot drink to warm me from the inside out, especially when outside is so cold.

The mug with my husband at the end of the day as the smalls drift to dreamland, or the pot brewed with friends as our little people play, or the afternoon tea babycino with sprinkles.
They are all my favourite during these grey winter days. 
I look forward to each one with anticipation.

Let's boil the kettle, see past the grey and find inspiration together this month!


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  1. Love this theme for July, so good.

    So true that the main appeal of a hot drink on a winters day is to warm your hands first! Hot drinks I love - black tea, (current favourite is Rose Tea), a really good hot chocolate and my short Mac in the morning made by Mr Barista


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