Wednesday, June 18, 2014

doing the hard things

Doing the hard things are the things that ultimately matter.
But it's the things in front of my nose that seem to take preference above that which is eternal, really. 
Humans are so easily distracted.
But distractions come at a price, and before long we are living a shallow existence, concerned only with our instant gratification; today's pleasure.
The eternal mindset tells us to store our treasures elsewhere. On purpose.
In that place they're not consumed, or destroyed. 
The place where relationships are of utmost importance, character is everlasting, and genuine kindness wins over ladder-climbing.

The quote "If you want something you've never had, you've got to be willing to do something you've never done*" has been mulling around in my mind today. 
Along with these thoughts on instant gratification.
Maybe because we are celebrating [with coffee, and vanilla slice] Daniel's recent completion of his Diploma. He is finished!
I couldn't be more proud of this man. He didn't finish year 10. He became a bricklayer because his father, and grandfather are bricklayers. His brothers, his uncle, and now my brother are also bricklayers. 
It's an okay living, for a lot of hard work. 
Daniel has a vision of more. He wants something he's never had. 
He's achieved an education, and he's reached goals and he's worked hard.
My pastor often quotes Deuteronomy 8:18.*
God doesn't give us wealth, He gives us the opportunity to go and get it. 
With hard work and sacrifice.

But it's not just about the money here. It's about anything you've never had.
A clean house?
A degree?
A soul at peace?

What can I do to change my circumstances? 
Something I haven't done before.
Switching off technology.

It's my turn again to study. After 12 months off, to support my studying and working-full-time husband, I've just enrolled to continue my university degree. I'm excited.

The future is full of possibility, and it's never too late to go.


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  1. OMGosh I love that! "God doesn't give us wealth, he gives us the opportunity to go and get it" SO true. We are very grateful for the opportunities we have been given. Lovely post as always :)


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