Thursday, June 19, 2014

coughs, cold and crochet mittens

It is cold.
Little fingers find their way under my top and bury into warmth, and they are icy!
We walk to school every morning, wrapped in scarves and coats, but something the smalls haven't had are gloves or mittens.
Yesterday, feeling rather under the weather and unable to make it too far from my bed for any length of time, I searched for and found the perfect crochet mitten pattern.

Last night, while the husband was out, I made a chamomile tea, and set to work. 

I had originally started them with Eden in mind, but Amie claimed that yellow is her 'most bestest colour' and that she needed them 'pleeeeeaaase'.
And we had to test them out this evening, at last light, to see just how warm they are.

Cosy, warm, 100% woollen mittens. Perfect for wintery days, warming up teeny fingers.
I'll be making myself a pair which might help to fight this stubborn cough.


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