Tuesday, June 24, 2014

bursting lungs, bursting heart; a tale of an evening run

I haven't been running in weeks. There's always an excuse. It's too late, too dark, I'm too tired, it's too cold. I lost momentum with it.
And I know my fitness would have declined.
The last week I've battled a cold/cough and told myself that the minute I'm fully well again, I'd go. I would get my fitness back, and build momentum again.
Today was the day.
It was already starting to grow dark, and I promised my biggest two they could come. 
They grabbed bikes, and helmets.
The frosty air took our breath, and our fingers were freezing. 
They rode alongside, or ahead as I jogged. I didn't think I'd be able to go far. 
But they rode, and I ran, and kept running. Only stopping to cross a busy road and down to the bay.
It was breathtaking. The water was like glass, and the horizon ahead was blue and grey.
The setting sun was sinking behind us, and when we turned, the gold was reflected in the stillness of the water.
We marvelled.
I marvelled at my children marvelling. 
They took in the beauty as I did. In awe. Grateful.
I snapped two quick pictures on my iPhone, just as the battery died, and I ran ahead, determining to capture also in words. 
The winter chill, making our cheeks cold and red, that we no longer felt after running and riding so far. 
The jetty at the boat ramp  protruding out over still glasslike ocean.
The silhouettes of birds; seagulls and pelicans along the waters edge. 
And as we turned back to run towards the sunset, the gold. So much gold. 
Sky reflected in sea. Salty air. Cloudless skies. Marvelling children. Air in my bursting lungs.
Gratitude in my bursting heart.
I ran and ran all the way home.


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