Wednesday, May 21, 2014

running the maze, seeing the forest

There is not much truth being told in the world. There never was. This has proven to be a major disappointment to some of us. When I was a child, I thought grown-ups and teachers knew the truth, because they told me they did. It took years for me to discover that the first step in finding out the truth is to begin unlearning almost everything adults had taught me, and to start doing all the things they’d told me not to do. Their main pitch was that achievement equaled happiness, when all you had to do was study rock stars, or movie stars, or them, to see that they were mostly miserable. They were all running around in mazes like everyone else.
On the other hand, sometimes you encountered people who’d stopped playing everyone else’s game, who seemed to be semi-happy, and with it, who said, in so many words, I saw the cheese, I lived on it for years, and it wasn’t worth it. It was plain old Safeway Swiss...
I had figured out that truth and freedom were pretty much the same. And that almost everyone was struggling to wake up, to be loved, and not feel so afraid all the time.*
It's true.
Achievement doesn't equal happiness, yet we're all trying to claw our way up the ladder of "success" in search of that elusive feeling of contentment. In doing this, we're mostly miserable. We're failing relationships, and addicted to things and missing out on what is most important right in front of our faces.
I so often look up, and realise I've been running the maze.
And then repent and force my way out into the open.
* From Grace (Eventually), Anne Lamott. I am more than half way through, and I think I'll start over again when I'm finished.

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  1. I love Lamott's writing - her book Bird by Bird is one of my favourite books on writing and I greatly enjoyed her book about her first year with her son. Her writing is just so raw and honest. I'll have to find a copy of Grace (Eventually) - that's a wonderful quote - thank you for sharing it and for your thoughts. Life is so much better when we break free of the maze - although it can seem so hard when we're lost on the inside!


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