Thursday, May 22, 2014

our journey to clean eating

I have been taking baby steps for a long time now, trying to eliminate certain types of foods.
I am thankful we don't have allergies or intolerances, but the more I know about different foods, the more I realise our diet is skewed and needs to be altered.
The realisation of just how much wheat, refined sugar and preservatives we were consuming, made me determined to cut them out in a way that is sustainable.
To be honest, I've thrown up my hands so many times, regretful of the food-choices I've made during my ignorance.
White bread, white rice, packaged and processed.
I so often feel like I've 'ruined' my kids by introducing them to tiny teddies, and by not living on a commune that grows all our own produce.

But do you know what? They're starting to get it.
Making healthy choices is a learned art, and they're learning. 
And I'm learning too.
How to substitute white flour for others. 
How to make things from scratch, rather than buy the shop stuff that is full of additives and numbers.
Like amazing nut-free chocolate spread made from tahini. 

And I'm confident at herb-growing, and my kiddos can differentiate between all the different leaves growing in the herb garden by sight and smell.
They love having the job of cutting sprigs and leaves for me, to add to our dinners.

My veggie patch is rather pitiful but it's been keeping us in good supply of cos lettuce, and Joel eats the gnarly carrots pulled straight from the soil and brushed down quickly.
Amie is obsessed with ice-cream, but ice-cream is not an every day food.
Instead she is quite happy to have (home made) maple syrup yoghurt in a mini cone.
She feels like she is getting a treat, and I know she is eating food that will nourish her - win, win.

And today, everyone loved a banana bread I made with brown rice flour, quinoa flour and rice malt syrup. It was barely sweet, but all three smalls wolfed it happily for afternoon tea and I realised that these slow, purposeful steps towards a better, healthier diet for all of us are working. Their sugar cravings are diminishing, and sometimes they don't even realise they're eating a more nourishing, less sugar-filled version.

We still enjoy treats, but I'm learning, slowly, how to cultivate a lifestyle of raw, back-to-basics, unprocessed diets for us all. 

Any tips, or recipes you'd like to share that are winners in your household?



  1. Well done Em. When baking I replace butter with coconut oil, white flour with wholemeal and white sugar with either coconut sugar or honey.
    I made these lime and coconut bites yesterday for the first time and they are delicious, no sugar but lovely and sweet-

  2. you have a thermomix right, whipped frozen banana with a dash of vanilla is the yummiest vanilla icecream ever, buy bananas on special if you can find them a bit brown and spotty so theyre super sweet, cut them up, put them in a freezer bag and in the freezer. Wholefood simply is the best site for healthy treats, caramel slice to die for. our breakfast smoothy recipe: frozen banana, handful of cashews, couple of tbls of chia plus whatever other seeds, sunflower, flax, pepitas, sesame etc. vanilla, cinnamon and almond milk(or water) but blend all the stuff before adding liquid, so its smooth. very yum.


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