Monday, May 26, 2014

green tea pondering, and celebrations

I like order, and control, and tidy and I always thought I was a super organised person.
But more than being organised, I like to stick my head in the sand, become slightly anxious subconsciously, but cover any anxiety with getting busy, so I can keep my head in said sand.
I was too exhausted to explore my often contradicting psyche, this morning as I sipped my green tea, but it does make me wonder.

But in roughly 36 hours our little family of five will be boarding a plane to spend the next week in Bali.
And I am not organised for doing so in the slightest, and only slightly worried.
But how hard can it be? Throw in some bathers, sandals, sunscreen and a book for the flight? Easy peasy. I'm sure I'll get a surge of motivation this time tomorrow night. I hope!

Daniel sits his final exam tomorrow, and then we are in celebration mode.
We celebrate his determination to stick out this course over the last 15 months, the Diploma he'll have earned, and the future to come. It's all good. 
The last year has been a hard slog for us as a family, and definitely for him.
Studying while working full-time, and balancing family life has been no easy task. 
But he's at the end, and it's all worth while.
Nothing worth while really ever comes easy, does it?
I am one proud wifey.


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  1. Congratulations....and yes is nearly is that easy to go....have a fabulous time. X


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