Tuesday, May 13, 2014

133/365 • tea with me, all of you!

Can you please aaaallll come for tea today?
I'm imagining us all filling up my kitchen.
I'll share my dark chocolate coconut bites that I made from the loveliest book.
Making frivolous things makes me happy. 
I do not like cooking dinner every night. 
But what is making it easier lately is organisation.
While I make your tea/coffee/milo/whatever, check out my weekly planner.
I stick it up on my pantry door, next to the bi-monthly tear-out Frankie calendar.
I have been writing a list of 5-6 meals (because weekends are bound to be lazy leftover nights, or baked beans on toast) and shopping strictly for those meals on a Monday.
If I know what I'm making, lately I'll even prepare it earlier in the day if I can.
It makes afternoons a breeze compared to what it has been in the past, trying to get dinner on the table at crazy-kid-time, as well as navigate homework and baths. 
Why has it taken me so long to grasp this?!

No more late afternoon trips to the grocery store for forgotten ingredients, or sheepish phone calls to the husband to "please pretty please can you stop and get me an onion, some chicken, bread, oh and tomato paste?"

Oh except for today.
Today I made pizza dough, put it in a (glass) bowl, and covered it in cling wrap to rise.
Cue helpful three year old.
Not only my favourite pyrex bowl broken in teeny tiny little shattered pieces, but pizza dough covered in teeny tiny little shattered pieces.
And no flour left.


So you'll laugh as I tell you this story over our cuppa.
And I'll tell you I was surprised when I laughed after it happened.
And Amie was probably more surprised when she didn't get the scolding she was expecting.
Off we went to the shop again, three kiddos and I, just for flour.

Why is it that some days I cope with the craziest things, with the best attitude?
And other days, the tiniest annoyances become mountains and fill me with white-hot rage?!
Sometimes it has a lot to do with how I start the day. Today, I rose before the kiddos.
I had a tea, in the quiet to myself, and pottered in the kitchen, putting away the clean dishes from the night before.
There was a clean slate before the first awake came to join me. In the kitchen, and my mind.

If you were to tea with me, I'd tell you how grinchy I was on Mother's Day and how I wasn't the only one, and I was so glad I was honest.
I'd tell you that despite my blogging mostly being about good and pretty, and thankful, that it doesn't mean the messy, crappy, yukky moments and days don't happen. 
That this blog is so often me searching for the good to share. 
The beautiful in the midst of the mess. 
Finding the lovely, hidden in the craziness of this motherhood season.
And that I don't want to stop doing that... but I don't want to ever give a false impression that my life is perfect. Because I'm certainly not, and my life is far from it.
Hopefully, having tea with me often, you'll know that. And you'll agree that none of us have it all together, and that it's one big beautiful mess, and that really, despite it all, we wouldn't change it for the world.

So tell me, what are you thinking? Reading? Making? Baking?
Is it autumn where you are? I saw the most stunning trees today.
I want to take the smalls there tomorrow to collect leaves.


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  1. Next time I'm down your way I'd LOVE to pop in for a cuppa ;)


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