Friday, May 9, 2014

129/365 • home and heart | clearing clutter

I purged our "games cupboard" this afternoon, after a conversation with a friend about living with clutter, and reading this amazing blog post. I've bookmarked the post to read again and again during moments of weakness, times when I want to buy my kids some junky toy or when I can't bear to part with an old junky toy.
I'm not about to go getting rid of everything.
But. I'm totally with her. I'd love to.
I strive for living simply, and I wholeheartedly agree that when there is less stuff there is less to get overwhelmed by, distracted by, consumed by.
It's just the same for me as it is with my small people.
But just like those small people, I'm lured by the bright and shiny, the pretty and the new.
Which is only new for so long, before it dulls.
This afternoon, as I pulled out pieces of different games, and found pairs to cards, and put checkers back in their box, and as the domino pieces were reunited (and I filled up two garbage bags full of games that are no longer played with, missing pieces, or there are two of), I was anticipating a date with Joel.
We had tickets to see a musical at a local theatre that his friend was performing in.
We have been counting down days all week. A night, just the two of us.
And as shiny and exciting new things are, they can't fill us the way people can.
He could have all the new Lego, but it can't make his heart rest, the way knowing that his mama loves him does.
We have made it our goal to have a date with each of our kiddos, each, once a month.
It won't be as extravagant as our night tonight every time.
Maybe just a babycino, or a bike ride by the beach, or a movie.
Just one on one.
Clearing clutter: home and heart.

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  1. I would love to do the big purge - soon - very soon! Even with giving away and throwing out bags at a time more stuff just accumulates! I've noticed when we go down to the beach for a week without toys how much happier the kids are just playing with sticks and sand.


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