Thursday, May 8, 2014

128/365 • when plans fail

Today I packed a picnic, along with blankets, coats, scarves and beanies.
I'd envisioned cosying up by the beach on this overcast autumn afternoon.
Armed with a flask of hot milo, crackers, fruit and our favourite chocolate balls we packed up the car, to swing past school on our way to the beach.

Walking back to the car from the classroom and cue: torrential downpour. 
We were drenched, and so were our beachside plans.

Back home, and replacing soaking clothes with trackies and wooly socks, Eden spread out the blanket in the lounge room and announced we were picnicking inside instead.

With the rain pouring steadily outside we sat and drank and ate, and it was cosy and warm, even with our dripping hair.

And it reminded me that His plans are better than mine, His thoughts higher, and that even when I feel like my own plans fail, when I yield, there is a better, safer, warmer, cosier plan that is what is best right for this moment.

And another day, there will be beachside picnics.


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