Wednesday, May 7, 2014

127/365 • taking stock | May

Cooking : pear crumble with soft juicy pears, and a combination of crushed nuts and oats, coconut oil and vanilla bean paste. I'll pre-make an apple crumble for mothers day breakfast.

Drinking : green tea, with freshly squeezed lemon and a smidge of honey. to ward off the bugs.

Wanting : this cookbook. I've dropped hints to the husband. 

Playing : uno, and battleships to while away rainy afternoons with the smalls

Wasting : time. Facebook. still an issue. it's a motivation killer.

Wondering: what I'll do when this year is up, and I no longer have to force myself to write daily

Smelling: rain, glorious rain

Wearing: my dressing gown in the mornings, it's cooling down considerably. and constantly reminding the kids to put something on their feet

Noticing: the sunlight changing as the seasons change. the light that enters particular rooms has changed. morning sun takes it's time to find places it used to alight on earlier

Knowing: I should go to bed earlier

Thinking: about tomorrows to-do list

Feeling: exhausted. kiddos are on the mend, but it's left me worn out


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