Tuesday, May 6, 2014

126/365 • tea with me | this too shall pass

Maybe we shouldn't tea together today.
I seem to have a home full of bugs.
Pneumonia confirmed in my middle little lady, and my littlest lady woke up with high temperatures and vomiting.
But by mid morning she had perked up and asked for food.
The girls have since been flitting from colouring and drawing, to watching ABC.
Lenient with the tv I am today, when both need so much rest.

So if you were to tea with me, I would have a small at my elbow, asking to tea with us too.
I'd make her a green tea, and squeeze in a bit of lemon.
My hair wouldn't be washed and I won't have put a lot of thought into what I'd be wearing, sorry!

What I would share with you though, after I'd made you something warm to drink, is the way God works through things that are less than lovely.
About the quiet moment I had earlier this morning, hanging out the washed bedclothes. When the sunlight streamed in, and there was warmth; the joy that surged despite ugly circumstances caught me off guard as I listed blessings in my mind.
Warm blankets, our little home, the privilege of being mama, opening tulips on my bench, big boys who walk themselves to class.
Sickness is not good. But He is. And He provides blessing, and grace, and never-ending love through every text message, care package received, and meal offered.
And I offer it back to Him, breathing thanks.
Knowing this too shall pass.
Beds will be remade, coughs will subside, health will be regained, and we press on.

I'd tell you I'm dreaming about making some knitted blankets with my Gran's knitting machine, that I've just read The Rice Mother by Rani Manicka, am now reading 'Fit to be Tied' by Bill Hybels, I am addicted to Revenge and Greys Anatomy and there's nothing I love more at the moment than sitting down to watch them and completely zoning out from everything else, that I am counting down days until our Bali holiday as well as a tiny getaway between now and then.

What are you reading? Loving? Hating? Wearing? Writing? Planning? Dreaming?


* PS I am getting all brave with my self portraits. Shudder.

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  1. O I hope your little ones get better soon - pneumonia must be scary. It is wonderful how joy comes in the most difficult times.


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