Monday, May 5, 2014

125/365 • homemade wool wash, woollens, sick little people

This afternoon the girls are rugged up in layers, playing Barbies and waiting to collect their big brother from school. 
The sky is overcast, and it's been drizzling. 
I made a pot of tomato and lentil soup for lunch, and the smell of cumin still wafts through the kitchen.
Our little house is oh so cold.
The air comes up through the floorboards, and even when it's not too icy outside, inside feels freezing.

I have been meaning to add the woollen blankets to our beds for over a week, and hadn't yet got to washing them.
A late night trip to emergency with Eden and the discovery that her cold symptoms are more sinister than a regular flu (and another doctors appointment this afternoon to confirm or deny pneumonia*) had me quickly making a batch of home made wool wash today, and readying the blankets for our beds tonight. 

The wool wash is easy to make by mixing two cups of soap flakes (or two grated bars of laundry soap, I use Velvet) with half a cup of methylated spirits and a few teaspoons of your chosen essential oil (eucalyptus for me).  Dissolve a tablespoon or two of the mix into a cup of hot water before adding to your wash.

Hot water bottles have emerged from the cupboard.
We will be toasty warm tonight.
And praying for lots of sleep.

Have you made wool wash?
Do you make your own laundry powder? I'm going to try that next.


* She is fine. There is no part of me with worry. Trusting and believing a good report from the doctor.


  1. We're rugged up by the fire here today too. The cooler months are in full swing it seems, brrrrr. We've layered our beds up and they're super cosy at night. I hope your little one is well soon xx

  2. We make our own laundry powder, have for years it's so easy! Hope Eden doesn't have pneumonia! xx


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