Monday, April 7, 2014

97/365 • media free monday

The autumn air was cool today, but the afternoon sunshine was glorious.
I lapped it up outside in the sunshine with a book in one hand (camera in the other), watching her "flying" and drinking the cups of tea she made me in the cubby.
I put my phone down early this morning. 
Refusing to be sucked in to wasting time scrolling through that which only serves to leave me without motivation.
It grabbed hold of me again recently, without me realising. Before I knew it, my fingers on autopilot, thoughtlessly filling myself up with emptiness. 
My phone is in my hand too often.
I do not want my children to remember me with a vacant expression, not mindful of where I am, or who is requesting my present, here, now attention.
I want them to remember me with them. Really with them.
Leaving my device inside when I go outside. 
Not running to it's every beck and call. 

I let the rays soak my face and dug my toes in the grass. 
I went grocery shopping. I prepared two meals for later in the week. I organised. 
I listened to Joel reading out loud to himself from my bedroom.*
I folded laundry and had tea with my sister in law, and clapped hands with my baby niece, and chatted on the phone with a friend.
I was present today everywhere I went. 

I didn't miss anything, by not reading everyone's status updates.
I gained productivity, real connection, and appreciation for what is here, around me now.

I know we all know it... but it's easier said than done.
I am determined to at least start my break-up with my phone with simple 'social media free Mondays'.


* He is half way through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Captivated!

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  1. That's a great idea. I think I might actually do the same - it's so easy for me to be distracted by my phone and really, I want nothing more to be 'present', particularly when I'm with my children.


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