Sunday, April 6, 2014

96/365 • feet to friendship

Do you know the story of the paraplegic man in the Bible?
You can find it in Mark chapter 2.
But I'll summarise. 
Word got out that Jesus was in town. Obviously everyone wanted to come and hear him teach, so they packed out a house full of people. No one could get in or out.
But there was this other guy who couldn't walk. His friends carried him for who knows how long, on a stretcher to come and see Jesus. 
Bummed they couldn't get in, but not deterred they somehow got their mate onto the roof, made a hole in it and lowered him down. Right in front of Jesus.
Their faith (obviously they knew if they could just get their friend to Jesus, he'd get a miracle!) was rewarded. Jesus told him to get up and walk, and he did!
Ridiculously cool in itself.

But that guy wouldn't have even come close to his miracle if it weren't for the four guys carrying his stretcher.
How much do we need stretcher carriers in our lives?!
Real friends, ready and willing to go the hard yards. 
Not just to have faith for you, but to physically help when you can't do it on your own.

And it made me think.
Have I been a good stretcher carrier?
Am I willing to go the hard yards? Help physically?
Not just offer my prayers, but make meals, and pack boxes, and mind children.

Feet to faith. Feet to friendship.
Love is a verb.

Happy Sunday lovelies.


* Inspired by our Sunday sermon this morning by the amazing Vicki Simpson.
If you're interested, I could possibly get you the podcast. Amazing message.

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