Saturday, April 5, 2014

95/365 • seek peace, be brave

Last night, I mentioned in my blog post that we have the power to change our moments.
There is power in our choices. We can choose to discover beauty in everyone.*
Something I struggle with. Especially when I feel like I have been wronged.
Especially when I think I am right.
It's easy to stick out my chest and stubbornly refuse to consider other points of view.
But it takes courage to consider that perhaps I am not so perfect after all.
To admit flaws, apologise for wrongs, see things in different light and show compassion.
It's brave to do what you can to keep peace. It's not easy to bite your tongue and show humility.
Everything in me wants to have the last say, and be right!
But the blessing comes when we are humble.
When we do what we can to keep the peace, and not allow the seeds of bitterness to take root.
When we shut our mouths until our minds are free and our heart slows, and enlarges.
"May God's grace give you the necessary humility. Try not to think - much less speak - of their sins. One's own are a much more profitable theme! And if on consideration, one can find no faults on one's own side, then cry for mercy; for this must be a most dangerous delusion." - CS Lewis
Seek peace and actively pursue it.
* Romans 12:18 (MSG)

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