Thursday, April 3, 2014

93/365 • home made yoghurt & soul food

My procrastination is always productive.
I had a full to-do list on Tuesday, which did not mention anything about making yoghurt.
But, it's been on my mind increasingly, and I was right down to the bottom of our supermarket 2kg tub of greek yoghurt and it was time to move past my failed attempt two years ago, and try again.

Yesterday morning my eyes flicked open and my mind immediately went to the woollen blanket-wrapped bundle in the kitchen, hoping madly it had set successfully.
It is thick, and creamy, and not as tangy as shop-bought greek yoghurt. Delicious!

It put a spring in my step, and when I see the home made goodness in the fridge I get an incredible sense of satisfaction. 
Not to mention knowing how much money I will be saving my family.
This morning, I enjoyed a quiet bowl drizzled with honey.

This yoghurt-making business? It was actually good for my soul. 
Just what I needed to find my mojo.
What do you do when you should be ticking off to-do's? That's probably your soul-food. 
That's probably what you should make time for, here and there. Now and then.
Read a book, sit outside, plant some herbs, paint, draw, write, cook.
Do something out of the ordinary, breathe. 

Now back to the list.


* I used this thermomix recipe (which I had originally used in my first failed attempt, but without the added explanation from this blog post which was immensely helpful!)
BUT you don't need a thermomix. Find a great recipe online. My friend swears by her slow cooker method. Do it!

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  1. Congrats! It is so rewarding providing for your family in such a way. I bet it is quite tasty! I tend to embroider or bake or just sit and read a few pages while my to-do list gathers dust. Some days just call for a little soul time, right? :)


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