Saturday, April 26, 2014

116/365 • her birthday | our choices

It was all she dreamed it would be, and that's all I wanted.
Her owl cake met her standards, and she finally got the roller skates she's been dreaming of since before Christmas last year.
The pancakes were devoured and deserted for the front yard.
We rolled her up and down the footpath in the cool morning air, early, when the street was quiet except for the birds.

How much we love our children.
And want what is best for them.
And want to see every hope, every dream in their lives realised.
We see the potential in them, the beauty.

But we can't give them everything.
To be compassionate, kind, generous little (and big) humans means we can't always get our way. Even when it's hard. 
So many times it's no.
No to something sweet at the checkout. No to late nights, or certain movies. No to speaking nasty, or backchat, or attitude. No to something they want right now.
To protect, and discipline.

There's life lessons in that for all of us;

We can't always have what we want.
Instant gratification produces self-centredness.
Learning how to speak kindly reminds us of other people and how they might feel.
Having a good attitude regardless of circumstances is a choice;
You can choose to have joy, to find good, and to love well (just like you can choose to be miserable, see the negative in everything, and be bored with your life).

How are your choices going? Smile.



  1. Oh my gosh, what a fun set up! And isn't she just the CUTEST?!

  2. Beautiful post Em, your words ring so true.
    Have a lovely week. x

  3. Oh Em, when did E get to be so big? Looking at her here I can see the wonderful woman she will become.

    As parents, we can constantly beat ourselves up about the choices we make in regards to our children but we need to trust in the process and know that what we are instilling in them at such a young age will equip them to become amazing adults!


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