Thursday, April 24, 2014

114/365 • just autumn holidays pt 2 : the simple things

They live in a caravan, my folks. On top of a hill.
The earth is marked out where the stilts will go eventually, for their verandah, and their straw bale house.
For now though, they are content in their makeshift home.
When we stay, we sleep in tents; there isn't enough space anymore in the caravan or it's annex, especially when it's all five of us.
Waking up to the birds, and the fog and freezing cold air, weighed down with heavy woollen blankets, is my favourite.

I love country life for it's simplicity. It's lack of technology.
The back-to-basics way my parents live.
Growing up, everything in our home had been bought second hand, or grown, or made, or fixed and made-do. It was something I didn't appreciate then, but I credit them for the way I think now, and the things I am grateful for. The same simple things I want to instil into my own little humans.

I love when they point out things in nature, and I hear my own words and phrases escape their mouths, "Mum, the clouds are really beautiful today aren't they?" Eden said yesterday in exactly the tone of voice I would have used, "I love the way they make all those patterns."
Joel notices autumn leaves everywhere, collects them carefully and suggests to make mobiles.
Amie loves sunsets; pink and purple skies, and turquoise ocean.

They follow my lead, and I am careful to notice beauty in the ordinary, in nature, and help them to appreciate creation. 
They watch our capsicums grow, collect leaves of lettuce for our salads, pick rosemary or oregano for our dinners, and nurture the baby lemon tree.

I encourage laying under the sky, finding stones as treasures, and walking away from screens. 


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