Wednesday, April 23, 2014

113/365 • just autumn holidays

Today I wore a knit jumper in a dark, burnt red. A heavy cotton, rolled up at the elbows.
I found my favourite old Guess jeans at the back of the cupboard, ones I bought in Sydney years ago, when my thighs were bigger from pregnancy. As a result they are stretched, and worn, and comfortable; and I have lived in them for three days straight.

The kiddos and I drove out to the hills to picnic with lovely friends.
I ate a crunchy, spotted pear on the way. I bought them at a roadside stall on the weekend, the type with an honesty box. 

It was nice to get out today.
We needed the escape. 
I needed it.
Escape from the Lego-strewn floors, and unmade beds, and pile of clean washing waiting, crinkled, to be folded and put away.
The school holidays are well upon us and I am drinking in every moment, enjoying every treat. Sneaky trips through drive-thrus for slushies, and extra Easter egg hunts just because.
And if I feel the slightest bit of angst over the mess in the playroom, I remind myself that next week it will be quiet again. 
That Amie will miss her big siblings being home to play, and I will miss them too.

So for now, we run to no schedule. 
We have leisurely breakfasts, sometimes with more than one type of cereal. 
We plan our adventures in the morning and are lucky to be out of our pjs by 9am.
And while I spend equal amounts of time repeating instructions (please go and get your shoes now!) and biting my tongue in frustration, we sing in the car and my heart explodes with gratitude for these three, and their joy.


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