Monday, April 21, 2014

111/365 • conscience.

Today I've been pondering the power of the gut-feeling.
The conscience.
And what happens when you don't listen to that small voice.
Or even when you don't give It a chance to speak.
What I've gotten myself into by not listening.
Saying yes rashly without thinking about consequences. 
The sick, sinking feeling when I realise I've done the wrong thing. The regret.

Or the times you go with your gut.
The relief.
The freedom.

There is no bravery without fear.
And you can ask the opinions of everyone around you, to justify.
But it won't change what you just know.
And following through with what you know you should do is hard.

Gosh I've got that sinking-gut-feeling right now and I'm a little bit tumultuous inside.
There are loud noises in every direction and I probably should breathe and pray and stop thinking about who I should text for advice. 


* Prayer works much more effectively than worry dolls. Just so you know.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post Em, actually ALL your posts are inspiring and beautifully written. I never trusted my inner voice, made many mistakes with regret. Now, I am older and maturity together with life experience have taught me to put my trust in listening to that special voice who knows you better than you. Now, I feel more confident and happier in my day to day life. Ann

  2. I am still learning to listen to that inner voice and in the process have doubted many a time. One of the things I have realised though is that the times I ignored that gentle nudge to go in the right direction, eventually come around in a different coming full circle I guess.


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