Sunday, April 20, 2014

110/365 • resurrection sunday

Behold, this is our God;
We have waited for Him,
that He might save us.*

I sit here, after a weekend of no phone: no text, whatsapp, or any social media whatsoever. 
I needed the breather.
I needed to remember that I am so much more than my online life, and that there is so much more to me than what is portrayed here or elsewhere.
I needed to be with those around me not just physically, but emotionally; present and available.
I slept (under the stars) without first scrolling through Facebook, and found my thoughts clearer and less distracted. And sleep deeper.
I breathed prayers under my breath, instead of having a mind cluttered and clouded.

I awoke (to the sound of birds, and the grey light of dawn) and let my dreams and thoughts unravel themselves, without reaching for my phone and waking up to the bombarding of my mind with other people's thoughts. I dozed, happy, content in the moment, not wondering how I could somehow recreate moments to share with the world.
I lived them without always trying to capture them.

Something that has always stuck with me: Facebook is just like money. It doesn't have character until it lands in your hands. It's what you do with it. What you use it for. To build up, or tear down. To elevate yourself, or to reach out to others. To waste, or to use with wisdom. I love social media. There is a place for it. But it's a place I need to control, not allow it to control me.

Today, I am full of chocolate and cheer. 
Early morning egg hunts in pyjamas and dewy grass, to spending time with family, and friends.

Today, I am so thankful.
Thankful for Jesus.
Happy Resurrection Sunday.


* Isaiah 25:9

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  1. Happy Easter Em! Thank you for this post as I often struggle with this and not wanting social media to control my thoughts and actions. It definitely has its place in my life as I use it to stay connected to my family overseas and to capture those special moments. I just need to find that happy medium...


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