Thursday, April 17, 2014

107/365 • keep tending

She primps and plumes this space with love and care and thoughtfulness.
She draws out what is good, what is pure, what is worthy to be shared.
She lives her life through the lens of her camera, capturing beauty in ordinary, in mundane.
The ordinary and the mundane that sometimes we forget to see, and she reminds herself here to see and appreciate and breathe thanks.
She lives an imperfect life, struggling to find her way, but finding the bravery to share the struggles, and her faith in the One who gives strength despite them all.

She'd forgotten why she shared her life and her space, but was reminded gently.
live open, love well

So the words will fall out, and she'll make the most of them, place them here without too much striving for perfection, and hope that He can use them to speak to hearts.
She had been wooed by bright lights, and the offer of dreams realised.
But sometimes the right thing, the hard thing, is to drag eyes away and focus on the Dream Giver. 

If you find yourself with a desire that no experience in this world can satisfy, then the most probable explanation is that you were made for another world. *

To pluck out the weeds, and keep tending to that which is good. And eternal.


* CS Lewis

** I'm camping out at my folks this weekend. I am doing something that frightens and excites me - leaving my phone at home. Space to be in the present over the weekend, and enjoy, and soak in family time this Easter. With no distractions, and energy-sucking devices. I have some posts ready and scheduled for each day (don't miss tomorrow's, by my lovely friend Amanda!)
See you on the flip side! x

*** Thank you, with all my heart to those who commented their courage-giving words on my rather emo post yesterday. It meant the world. xx

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