Wednesday, April 16, 2014

106/365 • hopes dashed

Remember when I got a little vulnerable?
I found out today I wasn't picked for the Top 100 Voices of 2014 after all. 
Despite allowing myself to hope.
And that dark lonely corner I wrote about? Part of me wants to crawl over there and cry.

Instead, I cleaned my pantry, baked banana muffins and made granola.
I still may cry. I haven't decided whether or not I'll let myself feel what seems a tiny little bit like not-good-enough rejection.
I almost chose not to be vulnerable here (because, you know, where did it get me, really?).
But obviously she who wears her heart on her sleeve can't help herself.

Chin up, shoulders back, keep going.



  1. [She] is no fool who gives what she cannot keep, to gain what [she] cannot lose.

    ...who is to say where your words will rest and how far their influence will reach, dear Em. I suspect it is far beyond a 2014 title and all the way into eternity.
    Stay your course dear one xx

  2. It's ok to feel how ever you feel. Hugs
    cheers Kate

  3. Your light and His shine through these words you's praise is empty...letting yourself be vulnerable and wearing your heart on your sleeve is definitely being brave x

  4. I've never commented but I do read your blog. Love your space, please don't change what you do. Hope your disappointment passes quickly hugs Carla x

  5. Oh yes please do keep wearing your heart on your sleeve. I think it's wonderful that you allow yourself to feel so deeply. xo

  6. Em, your blog is fab, don't cry for too long!! x

  7. Love your blog, Em:) Of course it's Ok to feel the disappointment. Funny, I just looked at the list of nominated blogs that Pip put p on facebook and saw my blog had been nominated. Had no idea and then, all of a sudden I felt disappointed. Chin up and keep going with this gorgy blog of yours:) xox

  8. I love reading your words each day x

  9. I don't know if you follow the fb page for Voices Em, maybe have a look - there's a great discussion about realising you didn't make the 100. Keep up the blogging Em, your fab!


  10. I just found your blog and I love it.. one i will come back too..

  11. I just found your blog and I love the way you write, photos are beautiful.
    real words, real life, keep on going I will be back to read!

  12. I adore your ways! Always such beautiful images and words. Please keep sharing xxx


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