Tuesday, April 15, 2014

105/365 • tea with me | makes me brave

Today, it's coffee. With frothy coconut milk and extra hot water.
It would be late morning; we are well established already with slow mornings.
Most of our morning was spent in bed, woken by three littles excited their daddy is finally home. Wrestles and tickles ensued, until I was saved by someone wanting breakfast.

If you were to tea with me today, I'd tell you I'm excited Daniel is home today.

I've missed him. We all have.
I'd also tell you how excited I am to have a couple of hours to myself, locked in for later today.
You'll find me at a cafe, with a cappuccino and my favourite pens. 
I am hoping some space, and a different setting will inject inspiration and let the words flow.

I'll share with you over our hot mugs the doubt I struggle with daily.
About how the bravery comes at the end of the day. My thoughts for tomorrow are brave. I look forward to the following day in anticipation, expectation, ready. Dreams overflowing, and a confidence in the possibility in reaching them.
By the following morning though, all bravery has dissipated. 
I am back to wondering if I can even do this. Wondering where it is I should be going and what I should be doing. Clarity seems to fade into doubt and I'm back where I started.

I think you'll probably tell me to do it anyway. Do it when I'm not feeling brave, do it even though it scares me. Keep going because there are words in me that need to be written and even if there's one person who needed to read them then that's one reason I need to let them out.

Tea with friends make me brave. I come away refreshed and encouraged. Given courage. 
I can do this mum thing. I can do this wife thing. I can do this writing thing. I can!

What do you need to get brave for?
What's on your heart? Tea with me today?

Write a blog post and link up, or hashtag your photos #teawithteacupstoo and share something there.

Until next week


* I am going to try to combine my 'tea with me' posts with some form of self portrait, inspired by Pink Ronnie and her lessons in self portraiture. I apologise in advance. ;)

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  1. As I was reading your comments about feeling brave at the end of the day I was nodding my head fiercely! I'm currently reading "Desperate-Hope for the Mom who needs to Breathe" and am realizing just how much we need other women to do life with. We all feel the same/have felt the same at one time! Why do we hide it so much?! Thank you for sharing your heart on that today!


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