Monday, April 14, 2014

104/365 • taking stock | april

Making : crochet coasters for an IG snail mail friend. Popcorn. Always the old fashioned way. Add melted butter and sea salt

Cooking : a meal from the freezer tonight: Bolognese full of spinach and carrots and celery - hidden goodness

Drinking : coffee today, with home made coconut milk. banana smoothies: home made greek yoghurt, home made coconut milk, two bananas, 1 egg, vanilla extract, honey, ice. blend. yum.

Reading: I ordered some books last week, I hope they arrive soon. Eden has been reading 'Are You My Mother?' over and over. I love hearing her fluency improving. "You are not my mother! You are a Snort!"

Enjoying: My sister-in-law's yummy banana and raspberry cake for morning tea

Waiting: I spent the weekend distracting myself from waiting for the husband to arrive home from his fishing trip. He got back late this afternoon exhausted, full of fishy stories and with a gleam in his eye

Wondering: If I can do things. If I can do a lot of things. 

Loving: School holidays!

Hoping: For some cooler, truer autumn weather

Marvelling: The afternoon sunlight is filtering through my bedroom windows. Magnolia shadows are dancing across my unmade bed. 

Needing: Some time, and space to write

Smelling: Fresh sheets in their basket, ready for all our beds tonight. 

Wearing: My elk bracelets (similar here). I slide them onto my wrist almost every day

Noticing: Growing. My kiddos are growing. Eight-year-olds are pretty wonderful

Feeling: Writers block-ish. Is that a feeling?


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