Friday, April 11, 2014

101/365 • early I will seek thee

Two mornings ago, in a bleary-eyed but no less determined state to wake up out of my current spiritual stupor, I obeyed my 6am alarm. It's only taken me all year but I did.
Sleepily resolute, and about to boil the kettle, an orange glow from the back window caught my eye.
Pulling the lens cap from my camera as I tiptoed to the back I was awestruck at the sight of the sky. These pictures far from do it justice; I have no idea how to capture light and sky, let alone the colours I saw. 
Oranges and pinks, bright against the dawn blue shouted at me, "this is what you've been missing!" 
The Creator at work, as I sleepily snooze my alarm.

The sunrise was over by the time I'd Instagrammed, and over and over in my mind I recalled Psalm 19. The heavens declare the glory of God. The sky proclaims. 
The heavens remind us, beckon to us to come closer, remember our Creator. His majesty.
And amongst the massive? The close. The intimate.
The knowing of He who knows it all. 
That I'd be there, barefoot in my kitchen, enticed by His colour, captured by His masterpiece. Reward for rising early. A coming good of a promise.
A divine appointment. 

early I will seek thee...*


* Psalm 63:1


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