Thursday, April 10, 2014

100/365 • ten on ten

1. starting the day right - green smoothie. i whizzed up all the green things, plus some almonds
2. about to sit down and sort emails
3. by the clothesline. she is pretty happy that her fine, slow-growing hair could have two plaits, just like her sisters'
4. tea time. a new tea from a lovely IG friend. and the dandelion leaf tea I've discovered recently. 
5. starting to consider what I'll wear over the weekend. mini road trip with my smalls after the last day of term 1 tomorrow
6. home made coconut milk using this thermomix recipe
7. after school mess
8. they offered to do the dishes. she washed, he dried
9. come and watch me fly mum
10. wondering how I'll sleep without Daniel. he's away, on our south coast, catching lots of fish 

ten on ten button

* I'm linking with Rebekah, for the first time. Ten photos on the 10th of the month.

** Can you believe it's been 100 days?! 265 to go... who's counting?...


  1. Lovely photos, a nice peek into your day. Love your sign in the 2nd photo!

  2. I love your pictures ! Your daughter is adorable !

  3. Love your photos... so beautiful.

  4. these are lovely everyday moments, I keep missing the tenth every single time!

  5. Such great "life" photos! I"m so glad I found you through the Ten on Ten linkup!

  6. It is such a great project to record the ordinary in our days...enjoy the school holidays. Xxx

  7. I hope you enjoyed that tea! You make ordinary moments look extraordinary x


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