Monday, March 31, 2014

90/365 • thoughts on solitary

As much as I know we were created for connection, for sisterhood, for friendship, relationship - there are things we must do alone. 
I know if I constantly relied on others for my worth and value, I wouldn't come to a place where I know without doubt how valuable I am.
If I found comfort only in the embrace of a friend or lover, I wouldn't then find the Peace my heart truly needs.
If I had to wait until someone would step out with me before I could step out, I wouldn't experience the cold sweat, the rush, the thrill of being just who I am, and just what my place is here on the earth.
We are created to belong, but we are individuals who sometimes need the solitary walk to the mountain top, or the retreat to the desert, or the time to grieve or even celebrate on our own.
Stepping out has so much more reward when we do it knowing our calling and purpose, not simply following where someone else is leading. 

I think there are two types of courage. The courage it takes to be vulnerable, and belong, and connect. And the courage it takes to stand alone.



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    1. Thank you Brenda. You are definitely one with the courage to be able to follow your dreams, no matter what those around you are doing! xx


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