Saturday, March 29, 2014

88/365 • edge of beginning: motherhood

Today the rain came. The heavy, cold drops that felt more autumn than summer.
The kind hot showers are necessary for after dancing and puddle-splashing in it.

I began another crochet project. 
What I hope will become a simple blanket as I stitch and stitch without giving up.
I don't see a lot of big projects through. I get excited to begin with. I browse pictures of other people's accomplishments, and plan and begin.
And somewhere along the way mistakes are made, or it becomes just too tedious, or I simply get bored, or another project sparks my interest.
The previous one is stashed somewhere (probably in the too-hard basket, ha!) and forgotten about.

Motherhood is one of those things I haven't given up on.
Tomorrow, our firstborn and only son turns 8.
I've made mistakes, and it's been tedious. There have been the boring, lonely days.
But I will not give up on bringing up my children.

Eight years ago I was on the edge of the beginning. 
Not a clue what life as a mama would really entail. 
How much of myself I would have to pour out, and keep pouring out.
And how I wouldn't ever really mind.

It's the one thing I know I won't quit.
The longest job I've held down in my life.
I've been entrusted with the life of this small person, and nothing will stop me from trying to get it all right. And when I don't, thank God for grace.



  1. Happy birthday to your boy....and may it be a special day for you too .xx

    1. Thanks lovely Bron, it was perfect xx


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