Friday, March 28, 2014

87/365 • just the real ones: friendship

It was my turn again to host dinner.
Throw in the crochet lessons I've been promising for years, and you have the perfect Friday night.

Today got me thinking about the answer to prayers these friends and the others I have in my life are.

Popularity is shallow, and those relationships lack depth. 
They are fun, and light-hearted but when life is hard, and days are grey, where do you turn?
The cry of my heart was always for real friends. 
Desperate for those I could trust, those who could know me and love me. 
Not just in the fun times, or when it suited them, or when they didn't have a better alternative. But real, true friends with no agenda but to walk by my side.
Now, I find my self surrounded by sisters.
I would have been happy with a couple but I sat to count them just now, my heart-sisters, and I didn't have enough fingers.
A couple are more than 10 years older than me. Some are mothers, some aren't.
Some, I am the advice giver, others I am the beggar for help.
Each friendship blessed, treasured.
How did I get so blessed?!

I haven't always been the perfect friend. And I won't always be.
But there seems to be a longevity, and depth in the relationships I have built over the years that isn't determined by who I am or the mistakes I make, or how imperfect I am.

Before they call out, I’ll answer
Before they’ve finished speaking, I’ll have heard*

I believe our hearts are created for connection.
True, meaningful connection with others.
And before I even had a chance to ask, He heard.
He provided.
I can't imagine how lonely I would be without some of these women in my world.
The hurt from one failed friendship? It's worth trying for the sisterhood of the others who won't fail.
We can't do life alone.

From melancholy cups of teas, to rolling-in-stitches memories. 

You don't need a parade of followers, or a ton of "friends".
You just need the real ones.


*Isaiah 65:24


  1. Love this. I was only just thinking of you the other day when I was in a bout of sadness over the friendship I lost. I had a dream about her and it put my in a funk all day. Happy to hear you are happy! :)

    1. The bout of sadnesses come every now and then. Thankfully I now see the valuable lessons I learned during that time! Praying you're surrounded by sisters too lovely xo

  2. Those are the real treasures of life. xo


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