Thursday, March 27, 2014

86/365 • too fond of books

Late afternoon found dinner bubbling away on the stove, and me, leaning over the bench, book in my hands, simultaneously reading, and keeping an eye on my cooking. 
I only had a chapter to left, and I was desperate to finish it.
Not only because of the story, but so that my life could continue where I left it, when I started the novel four days ago.
Bookworm to the core, once I start I find it difficult to have self-control.
I have been reading into the night until my eyes burn, and I panic at how little sleep I am about to have before morning.
I have been reading next to Amie as she watches her favourite afternoon episodes on ABC iView.
And today, reading as I cooked dinner.

It has always been this way.
To and from the library during every school holidays.
I snatched every chance I could to bury my nose in a book.
I forget how much I love being immersed in a story.
Once I start, I cannot stop. I become a slave to it.
I think, sleep and eat thinking about the characters, and the places, and their predicaments.

Reading is so good. If you need a reason to pick up a good book, especially in this gorgeous cooling, autumn weather. There are some here and here.

I have a pile, waiting, but I don't think I will start another for a while.
"She was too fond of books and it has addled her brain"*
I need an early bedtime!


*Louisa May Alcott

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