Friday, March 21, 2014

80/365 • marriage; tulips

How easy to enter autopilot. 
We've been going about our busyness, doing what needs to be done, and sometimes we've been here without really being here.
We share just the headlines of our days without really going any deeper.
Neither of us realising we were both finding it tough going in the morning. 
Tough to get up and keep going some days.
Each of us gritting our teeth and carrying on.
In my mind, with all those tabs open and running and spinning, I didn't think to ask him if he was okay. I should have.

We can't get away from being busy in this season.
Three kids, home, work, study. It's just busy.
But we can stop, and really see each other, and make time.
I couldn't do life without him.
He is the sane to my crazy. The conscious to my impulsive.
The calm to my emotions.

In about 8 weeks he'll be finished his Diploma. 
A crazy full-on 15 months of study.
Soon, I'll have a builder-man-husband. He attends a class once a fortnight. 
And at least once a month he visits my favourite florist nearby and brings me home a bunch of flowers. Mostly button chrysanthemums. 
They last so long and look so pretty on my kitchen sill.
He finds my delight in flowers amusing.

Last night it was tulips. They are breathtaking!

The flowers serve as my reminder, that no matter how busy and crazy things get, he thinks of me, he loves me. He supports me, even if he doesn't always understand me.
Together we. can. do. this.
Why do I forget so often, and try to carry the load on my own?


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