Tuesday, March 18, 2014

77/365 • precious days, spent well

I laced fingers around an indulgent cup of coffee this morning. 
It's not often I have time to make a cup, I am usually flitting off to tea with a friend, or frantically tidying before visitors arrive. 
This morning, I enjoyed with it cinnamon toast, with my littlest little. 
Her babycino was sprinkled with cinnamon too, and conversation sprinkled with curiosity.
"Where are we going today mama?"
Nowhere little lady, we are staying home.
"Then who is coming to my house to play today?"

Our conversation confirmed what I already know.
It's time to free some days to spend here.
All too soon our home days will be over, and these precious days must be spent well.

I am asking myself these questions:

What can I do to save time doing the things I have to do? How can I be more efficient?
Am I willing to block out a specific amount of days to focus on different things? ie. at least two days in my week to be spent at home. One day for groceries/errands. A couple of days for seeing friends. Would this work?

So much time. It needs to be managed much more wisely than I have been.
And Daniel can come home to a less frantic, less overwhelmed, more prepared, calm and organised wife.
And he may get more than just sausages for dinner.


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