Monday, March 17, 2014

76/365 • think, breathe, fold laundry

Sometimes life is just hard and the calm after the kids go to sleep is heaven.

Sometimes I rush and rush and don't deal with the things that tug at my heart.
I don't ask if my husband is okay.
I don't ask myself I am okay.
And we go faster, and try to achieve more, without noticing the sense of dread that has crept in.
Dread for the day ahead, the days ahead, life.

Sometimes, I need to just slow down.
And if that means saying no to plans, even if the thought of being alone petrifies me, then I say no.
I have to create space to think, and breathe, and fold laundry.
I was determined this week to use my time wisely, and I slowed down enough to face what needed to be faced.
Now the thinking and the breathing and maybe just a date with a three year old and some playdoh.


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