Sunday, March 16, 2014

75/365 • sunday snippets - lovely links

Sunday afternoons are lovely for lazing around, maybe picking up an unfinished crafty endeavour, or spending some time in the garden.
Or perhaps you'd like to sit down with your device and explore some lovely places on the internet.
This is what I've been reading/making/pinning.
Happy clicking!

Crochet baskets from here - such an easy, quick tutorial. I used jersey yarn called zpagetti

Always inspired by Amanda's blog, Capture 30 Days

I am reading about planting sugar snap peas here. This week, I'll hopefully getting my green-thumb on!

My meal planning this week has included recipes from Eat Drink Paleo and Petite Kitchen. I need extra motivation in this area! 

Reading John 15, over and over, in the Message Version. It makes my heart rest.

Excited about being asked to photograph an engagement party next weekend, and browsing flash photography tips

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Oh my mum will love this! She loves doing crochet so much. Most of our table tops and chair covers are made by her.

    themiasalazar { life | thoughts | pictures }


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