Friday, March 14, 2014

73/365 • baking memories, happy Friday

It's Friday.
The smalls are quiet with the iPads they have been reunited with after a long school week.

My house smells of Tessa Kiros' delectable Honey Cake.
If you don't have a copy of the gorgeous Apples for Jam, I suggest you at least go and check it out of your local library.
You will love her photography, and her nostalgic walks down memory lane. 
Oh and her recipes are lovely, too. 
Especially the Honey Cake. 

When my rosemary flowers by the front door, I'm reminded of this cake.
It is rich, and warm with spice, and fills the kitchen with the sweet scent of rosemary.
We baked it this afternoon, my little and I. 
She poured and stirred and I imagined her grown, and one day reminiscing sweet autumn days with mama in the kitchen.
Traditions, and rhythms and memories I have learned from my own mama, bought back hard by particular smells. The smells that take me back to that moment, or that emotion, or that season.

The southerly blows strong this evening. This morning was cool enough for a dressing gown. And today, mild, and sunny. Cardigan on, cardigan off. 
Autumn is here.
Tomorrow morning, we will celebrate with cake.


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