Tuesday, March 11, 2014

70/365 • breathing; i n s p i r i n g

I find it not uncanny that inspire has dual meaning.
Inspiration; the mind being stimulated creatively.
Inspiration; the act of breathing, drawing in air.
Those of us yearning to live a creative life wish do both, simultaneously.
And yesterday, with all my yawning and feet-dragging and sighing, I made a decision to breathe in inspiration - in a brand new day.

Today on my search for inspiration I looked, and found, in these places:

I had tea with a friend who has never visited before.
I admired my baby lemon trees (and marvelled that indeed that second seedling finally sprouted).
I got creative with dinner.
I found a recipe for decadent whole food chocolate muffins, and made icing with honey and cacao and coconut oil, and shared them with friends, and cutie two year old boys.
I decluttered both the kiddos bedrooms, said goodbye to four garbage bags of broken, or unwanted toys, and vacuumed those dust bunnies away (at least until tomorrow).

And tonight I took time to breathe, and watched the sun paint amazing colours across the sky, and my breath was His breath of new life in me, and He inspired.


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