Monday, March 10, 2014

69/365 • the daily. yawn.

This is how I feel tonight.
I'm regretting (again!) not making time to sit and write earlier in the day, so that my pre-bedtime routine is not clouded with the discipline of transcribing jumbled thoughts. 
Day 69. It's not easy.
Not easy to remember to write, still, daily.
Not easy to find quiet in my days to sit down, and listen at the feet of the Word, and draw upon the bread every day. Because it's there. 
It rains from heaven somewhat miraculously, each and every day, but sometimes the daily going out to collect it is monotonous, mundane. 
Can't I just collect now enough for the next week?!

But there is something to be said about the daily.
Something He wanted us to grasp, when He told us about daily bread, daily food, daily inspiration, daily discipline, daily routine and rhythms and the organic true-to-ourselves lives that we are called to live.

So if something isn't working, or needs adjusting, or needs re-igniting, there must be something in my daily routine that I can change to inject just what it needs to be refreshed.

Tonight as I prepared tomorrows lunches, in the still of the sleeping household, I prepared my heart and opened myself to change. Maybe to try a new recipe, or to tick one of those really hard things off the to-do list; the ones that keep being transferred from the old to-do list to the new. Or maybe all it will take is a run in a different direction, or a bike-ride - to get further, to see a different horizon.
I'm sure that as I endeavour to change something in my daily routine, my eyes will lift, the yawns will leave, and the constant discipline of just being faithful with the daily, normal, mundane... will be rewarded.

Praying renewed strength and energy for you, too, as you read right where you are.


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