Saturday, March 8, 2014

67/365 • taking stock

Making : Tiny crochet booties, and loving the cooler evenings autumn brings. My creative spark is always renewed in the cooler seasons. The exhaustion of hot weather begins to leave me, and days are pleasant and shadows are longer. Crochet hooks are revisited and the sewing machine has been dusted off.

Cooking: Pancakes for dinner. More often than I care to admit. In princess dresses of course.

Drinking : Green tea with apple cider vinegar to help ward off the sniffles. The three kiddos have struggled the last few days, and I was hoping it would pass me by. It seems not. 

Reading: Brene Browns "The Gifts of Imperfection" in between Sue Monk Kidd's "The Invention of Wings", and reminding myself how much pleasure I get from sitting down, quiet, attentive.

Sewing: Winter pajama pants for the smalls, with some vintage sheets and other fabrics from my stash. I sew them without thinking now. Along the crotch, down the leg seams, inside legs all the way over. Therapeutic, easy.

Enjoying: The exciting preparations we have been making for my brother's wedding tomorrow. We are all excited about pretty new dresses, and ties, and sharing such a special day.


Taking stock prompts inspired by Pip

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  1. A wedding is so much fun - I know you'll all have a magical day! I am deeply envious of the ability to sew pajamas - they look gorgeous! We've been having pancakes for dinner a lot recently too - my little boy wants them as his 'lunchbox treat' so it makes sense to do a big batch ... about dinner time and stash some away. Yumm!


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