Wednesday, March 5, 2014

64/365 • smooth sailing, and hindsight

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing. 
The problems we faced, or felt surrounded by, in hindsight, are smaller now.
The fears we thought we'd never overcome have diminished in the light of the faith we stepped out in to overcome them.
The doors we hoped would one day open are swinging there on their hinges way behind us.
Faith is stronger, prayer goes deeper. 
The wells were dug deep in the dry times and are there for drawing from now; within reach, easy.

Sometimes we don't realise how far we have come until we look back.
We don't realise that a sting has gone, or pain has gone, or we have moved on without even realising. 
Simply by putting one trusting, faithful foot in front of another, needs have been supplied, and doors have been opened, and I find myself in a place of contentment I don't think I have experienced before.

Yes, the daily ups and downs of motherhood is still there, but through it all a thread of contentment. The scarlet thread. That one I cling to when I'm falling. 
But for now, smooth sailing.

Now is the time to hand the scarlet thread to someone else.
Strong enough, bold enough to share it.

Living open.



  1. That gorgeous scarlet thread. It is Him. He is that thread. Such a blessing. Thanks for posting, Em. I need these words each and every day:) x

    1. Where would we be without it huh? His Words are bread and life and everything xx


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