Sunday, March 2, 2014

61/365 • hello autumn | crochet booties

There's something about autumn.
My very favourite season.
Although it doesn't feel very much like autumn yet - we are sweltering in the last days of dry heat - the turn of the calendars page was enough for me to dust off the crochet hooks.

Stitch by stitch, praying for little baby feet who will wear these this winter.

Hook by hook, praying for the brand new mama who will marvel over his tiny feet, and watch them grow.
Slowly, methodically I go. Thinking about the feet of my son.
Wonder where they'll take him.
Counting, stitching, hooking, breathing, praying.

Hello autumn.


 I used this pattern, for the perfectly imperfect little baby boy booties, and will be definitely using it again!


  1. Those booties are just adorable. I hope the Mama-to-be is having a trouble-free pregnancy.

  2. Autumn is my favourite season and I am so looking forward to true autumnal weather! The booties are so lovely!


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