Saturday, March 1, 2014

60/365 • a year of motherhood

This year is my last year in a real stay-at-home mama capacity.
Next year, when Miss A goes to school, I'll be made partly redundant. 
Of course, I'll always be the mum, and the craziness of motherhood will simply enter a new season, but there will be days I won't be at home with a small or three.

When the realisation struck, I suddenly felt the need to record everything. 
This is it
These days with the play dough, and the cutting up fruit for morning tea with Playschool on in the background, and the chattering voices for company as I hang laundry. 
They'll be over before I know it.
The days that felt, when Joel was born almost 8 years ago, like they'd last forever.

And when I grocery shop alone and see those mamas with little ones; tired and overwhelmed, I'll smile wistfully and remember these days with gladness.
Glad because I'm here. Because I'm living it, loving it, capturing it. 
In all it's mess, and its frustration and it monotony. 
I'll be glad I didn't rush it away, or fill it up with distraction.
I'll be glad I sat, and dressed Barbies, and pushed swings, and sat [bored] at the park as they played, and went for walks, and explored and sacrificed and gave, and collapsed into bed each night only to do it all again the next day. 

I'm thankful for the gift of hindsight, even before I get there. 
I'm here in the midst of the mess, and thankful for Grace, and still learning how to do it all better. 
I wanted this forever, and I'm living this mama-dream. 
In all it's shouty, and sleep deprived and impatiently beautiful moments.


I'm linking up with Milina and Tahnee, and their Year of Motherhood. Both amazing photographers, inspiring me to keep capturing the small things.


  1. Yes yes yes yes yes!!! Oh Em this is exactly my position and feeling this year. xxxxx

  2. Beautiful words Em. Your children will grow and later look back on their childhood with such happy, loving memories. Well done to you.
    p.s I love the light box. may I ask where it is from?

    1. It's by Page Thirtythree. They sell online, I got mine for Christmas - best present ever! :)

  3. OH SO TRUE!!! Averil is right - yes yes yes yes yes!!! Totally get it - every single word. Thankyou for linking up - I love seeing how other mothers get through their days - we are united in our shout, sleep deprived, impatiently beautiful moments! Beautifully written xx

  4. Yes, do! Record it all!, I wish I'd been a better photographer, but I did manage to record with words. Treasured, every one. x

  5. Such beautiful, thoughtful words. I wish I had it in me to express myself like this, but I hope one day my children will look back on my photos and feel all the love, exhaustion and sheer wonder of this time together xx

  6. i could not agree more! I'm holding on to these years when they are at home, because I know they will be gone before I can blink! Beautiful images. Thanks for linking up. I love the Lego Man Down!! xx

  7. Certainly days to be treasured! I still miss the hum of play school and relish the odd day off from school to be reminded of such sweet times and beautiful little souls that we have the pleasure of nurturing x

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  9. Beautifully put, I couldn't agree with you more!!


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