Wednesday, February 26, 2014

57/365 • restless | refreshing | remembering

Today was a restless one.
It felt like tiredness. I couldn't focus on one thing, and I was distracted easily.
Mostly, I ate. Because two weeks of travelling threw my good habits out of the window.
And it seems it's affected my ability to go about my day with any sort of rhythm.
I feel like my heart and soul was left in Cambodia, and as I go about my own day I imagine lives completely different to mine, living their days out too.
It's beautiful, and distracting, and confronting.

By two pm Amie and I decided the best thing we could do would be to get out of the house.
She threw a bag over her shoulder, put her favourite doll in the pram and off we went.

Sometimes when things aren't working, we just need to move.
To enlarge our horizons, shift our perspectives, and set our sights on something different.
And simply allow our minds back to the present moment.
The here and now. My home. My role. 
It seems insignificant, but it is anything but.
My responsibility in this season, this moment, is to impart into my children. 
To build them up strong and secure.  
Who knows where they'll go, and who they'll reach. 

I sat on the bench and read, while she was content to play in the sand.
I think we both appreciated the fresh air and dappled sunlight.

Refresh. Remember.


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