Monday, February 24, 2014

55/365 • back to beginnings

This morning little people ran and swamped me with their arms and their legs.
Fourteen days without my little family was a long time.
I was greeted with 'welcome home' cards, and my favourite flowers, and hand-painted mugs, and beautiful mail waiting for me.
I hugged, I napped, I drank tea, I loaded the clothesline with laundry (hello, reality) and I kissed and snuggled goodnight prayers.
I was seldom without someone by my side.
I was missed!

Tomorrow we begin again.
The school term. The daily routine. The normal.
My new-normal will hopefully lack the complacency it often bound itself to.
Having had eyes open to humanity in other places, yet just like me, will remind me not to live normal. Simple, slow, Purposeful, yes.
Again, that reminder to 'live open'. 
I realise it's repetitiveness even now as I type, but it's my heartbeat, my constant reminder.
Back to beginnings. 


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