Sunday, February 23, 2014

54/365 • half way home

Airports are my favourite.
When we were dating, Daniel would take me to our teeny Perth international airport, and we would sit and drink coffee, snuggled, and watch the planes take off until late into the night.
There is something about a place that buzzes with people coming and going.
I am in love with faraway places. My feet itch to explore new lands and meet new people.
The coming and the going and the smell of coffee, and the wondering where the coming and goings are going.
And the dreaming of the faraway places, and the planes and the book reading, and the dozing and the people watching.
I am currently at the airport at Kuala Lumpur. About half way home.
We are waiting to board a red-eye flight. I have Markus Zusak's The Messenger to keep me company, and the one of the quotes I read on the way here seems perfect to leave you with.
"Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they sat.
Just in what they are."
Here's to beautiful people.
Coming and going.
And the journey home.

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  1. Airports are one of my very favourite places too - all the possibilities and adventures they offer! What a wonderful date-place! Thank you for sharing your beautiful trip and reflections.


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