Saturday, February 15, 2014

46/365 • the same everywhere

It amazes me that humanity is all the same.
We can cross boarders, and languages, and countries, but essentially we are all the same.
It shouldn't surprise me. We share the same Creator.
He places the same things in the hearts of women everywhere.
We crave love, and long to feel valued.
We need friendship, and admire beauty.
We are cheeky, and kind, and loving.
We are sisters, and wives and daughters.
And we extend the amazing grace of Jesus just the same.

These women are amazing, and today I have been blown away.


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  1. Em, this is so beautifully written. I have felt the exact same way on our two trips back to South Africa. The people you meet, from whatever background want the same things for their families. It is an amazing opportunity to travel, especially to countries that experience dramatic differences in their citizens and what opportunities are available to them. You are right, mostly we are all the same. Thank you Em for these posts. Ann


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