Thursday, February 13, 2014

44/365 • saying yes and where it takes you

Today we took (what felt like) a rickety old buzzing aeroplane from the city of Phnom Penh, north to Siem Reap. The flight was less than an hour but it almost feels like we are in a different country here.
While there are still parts bustling with mopeds and Tuk Tuks and night markets, it is not as busy, and traffic isn't as wild, and buildings are newer.
There are still cobbling broken pavers and dusty dirt roads and stray dogs, and the constant 'beep beep' from traffic, but it is quieter.
I guess I didn't ever really explain how I came to be in this amazing country, or the angst I experienced saying "yes to new adventures" or why.
Our church has supported other churches in Cambodia for as long as we have known. Our pastors visit here regularly, empowering these churches financially and spiritually. Daniel and I have helped to financially support these ministries, here in Cambodia, without ever seeing or experiencing or knowing what our money helped to achieve. Until Daniel came in 2011.
These churches are the lights in their communities. They run English classes, and provide safe places for young people to connect, help to feed the poor, and rescue little girls from the streets, and build toilets.
Just to name a few.
Cambodia stole a piece of Daniel's heart, so when the opportunity arose for me to say yes to come on this trip, he strongly encouraged me to go. I agonised for days. Said yes. Changed my mind and said no. Said maybe. Totally decided no.
And then I reminded myself of my goals for my thirtieth year. I heard the whisper, "Be brave" in my spirit and knew that I couldn't experience what it was to fully trust God, if I made excuses to stay put.
So I said my final yes.
So I am here to see just where our money goes. To encourage the beautiful women in these communities. To experience their culture and open my eyes and my heart, and be stripped bare.
To discover how my very western idea of God covers the type of life that is so very unlike my own.
Still discovering.
PS Yes, I did eat a little deep fried cricket. Not brave enough to try the snake or tarantula. Ew!

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  1. that is awesome that you said yes!!!! I know God will do awesome things in your life because you did :)


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