Monday, February 10, 2014

41/365 • Cambodia

I snuck out of the front door in the early hours of the morning and it closed with a quiet click behind me. There, I left sleeping babes snuggled up to their daddy.
The stars seemed to enjoy my angst as they watched me answer the Call to go this time.
Tonight, I'd usually be anxious for them, and ache, homesick.
But by His grace, I have peace.
Phnom Penh is warm and bustling and feels like Bali. It doesn't sleep.
It is a mish mash of modern-shining next to falling-apart.
Of Cambodian culture collided with our Western consumer-culture.
There are day-spas and begger-children and malls and street food.
I have been travelling all day. It is exhausting. We drove back to our hotel tonight in a bouncing Tuk Tuk, balmy air in our faces, and I simply know I am here for such a time as this.

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